Dental Wipes For Dogs: The 5 Best Dog Teeth Wipes

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Dental wipes for dogs can solve a major problem that many dog owners face. Just like us, dogs too need to have their teeth brushed. Most dog owners are often just worried about the external appearance of their dogs and do not pay much attention to their pet’s dental hygiene. But the truth is, dogs can suffer from the same dental problems as we do and just like us, dogs will benefit from clean teeth and healthy gums. The only concern is that dogs cannot clean their own teeth!

Luckily, most dogs can get used to having their teeth cleaned especially if you start brushing their teeth at a young age. Some will be fine with a dog toothbrush in their mouth but many dogs just hate toothbrushes.

There are alternatives to using a brush and this article looks at just one of the options. Dental wipes are easier to accept for most dogs and cause less stress to both owner and pet.

What are Dental Wipes for Dogs?

Using a dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste is the most common way to clean dog’s teeth. But this can be tricky, especially if the dog hasn’t been trained to do so from an early age. And if you have adopted an older dog, then it is even more likely to be an issue.

Dental wipes for dogs are similar to the dental wipes for toddlers, except for the fact that they are specially made for pets. These are soft, disposable and uniquely textured to clean dogs teeth and gums gently. Dental wipes for dogs also come in different flavors and are suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Why Use Dog Teeth Wipes?

Some dogs (and owners!) prefer the dental wipes to using a dog toothbrush. Using teeth wipes is a great way to introduce your dog to the oral care routine. Dog teeth wipes are soft and clean the teeth and gums gently resulting is a positive experience for a dog. The specially formulated dental wipes for dogs also prevent teeth pain. Once the dog is used to getting his mouth handled and is comfortable with the process, you can slowly switch over to a good quality dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste.

Precautions to be taken While Using Teeth Wipes for Dogs

Unlike dog toothbrush, using dog teeth cleaning wipes requires you to put your fingers inside your dog’s mouth. And I don’t need to tell you that you should be careful, especially if you have adopted an adult dog. It’s not natural for the dog to get its mouth cleaned in this way. So give your dog some time to adjust to the dental wipes and to the complete process of teeth cleaning.

Also care should be taken to prevent your dog from accidentally swallowing the dental wipes. Make sure you use the right size teeth wipes for your dog. Let’s look at some of the top dental wipes for dogs.

John Paul Pet Wipes Teeth and Gum

John Paul Pet Wipes Teeth and Gum - Dental Wipes For DogsWipes (per pack): 45 Count

Price: $8.81  (Get the latest price)

These dog teeth wipes are designed specifically to keep the pet’s teeth clean and breath fresh. Their composition includes baking soda which helps remove the stains from their teeth. If used daily, they will help to greatly reduce gum and tooth disease.

The wipes are quite large and are recommended for large dogs. They can be used on your cat’s teeth too although a lot of cat’s do not like the minty smell.

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8-in-1 D.D.S. Dental Wipes for Dogs

Excel Medicated Dental Wipes For DogsWipes (per pack): 90 Count

Price: $6.66 (Get the latest price)

These dog teeth cleaning wipes clean teeth and gums and also freshen breath. They are really simple to use. Just wipe your dog’s teeth and they will help to reduce plaque build up. The wipes have a textured surface which helps to remove debris from your pet’s teeth. Your dog will love the taste of the wipes. As the wipes are quite small care should be taken not to allow your dog to swallow them. These wipes are some of the lowest priced on the market.

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Kissable Dental Wipes for Dogs

Kissable Dental Wipes For DogsWipes (per pack): 50 Count

Price: $9.40 (Get the latest price)

These dog tooth wipes are very gentle and are ideal for dogs who dislike toothbrushes. They can be used to clean both the back and the front of the teeth at the same time. They will help you achieve excellent oral hygiene and at the same time keep your dog’s breath fresh. The wipes are textured and contain baking soda. This provides slight abrasion that assists with the removal of food debris.

They also contain aloe which works in a similar way to a toothpaste to get rid of the bacteria that causes bad breath. The wipes also contain pomegranate which has proved to be beneficial in reducing plaque and also gum disease. The wipes also use lavender, grape seed extract and rosemary to improve the dog’s oral hygiene.

These wipes use human grade ingredients and are safe for other pets. They are quite small and are not ideal for larger dogs.

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Ora-Clens Dental Wipes for Dogs

Ora-Clens Dental Wipes For DogsWipes (per pack): 50 Count

Price: $10.39 (Get the latest price)

These teeth wipes for dogs, are a safe and effective solution to reduce the plaque and tartar build up on your dog’s teeth over time. The wipes also reduce bacteria that can cause bad breath. These textured dental wipes pads are specially designed to help you remove any debris from your dog’s teeth. By removing plaque and tartar they will leave the teeth clean and polished.

Dechra Dentacetic Dental Wipes For Dogs

Dechra Dentacetic Dental Wipes for Dogs

Dechra Dentacetic Dental Wipes for Dogs

Wipes (per pack): 25 Count

Price: $11.04 (Get the latest price)

This product contains acetic acid and Sodium Hexametaphosphate. The dental acetic acid brightens and whitens the dog’s teeth. Sodium Hexametaphosphate coats the dog’s teeth which helps to prevent plaque and tartar build up. The wipes clean the teeth better due to the uneven surface of the wipes and also the de-greasing properties of acetic acid.

To make the experience a little more pleasant for the dog the wipes are flavored with cinnamon clove which dogs love. It also deodorizes their breath. The clove has the added effect of relieving pain and soothing the gums.

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Dogs are fussy just like humans. So you may need to experiment to see which of the above dog teeth wipes best suits your dog.