Bad Dog Breath? 4 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Breath Fresh

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Bad dog breath can be way bigger problem than you could possibly imagine. If you have a bad breath, there is probably no need to worry- just wash your teeth, buy some chewing gums and stop eating so much garlic. But when it comes to your 4-legged best friend, it can be caused by dental disease or some other health problem, so the first step should be taking it to your veterinarian. Better safe than sorry.

Great, now that you have visited the doctor, you don’t need to worry about your dog’s teeth until you feel that poisonous smell again….WRONG!

This problem is not something you can fix in one visit to veterinarian. Actually, you should take care of your dog’s mouth and teeth hygiene on a daily basis. Okay, I know it is not going on a date and there is no need to make his breath smell of eucalyptus, but still you should take following four steps to keep it as fresh as possible.

Beat Bad Dog Breath by Brushing its Teeth

What is the first thing you should  do when you feel bad dog breath? (Hint: Dogs are not that much different than you!) – Exactly, brush your dog’s teeth.

You will need a dog toothbrush and a special toothpaste for dogs. There are different flavors of toothpastes, try to find the one your dog likes and it will make the job way easier. You can easily find them on Amazon.

The best time to start brushing your dog’s teeth is while it is still a puppy. And the next best time is right now! It can be difficult to get your grown-up dog used to this. So be patient and be prepared for the process of learning. But keep in mind that in the end, it will be a big win over bad dog breath.

When he gets used to this, start brushing your dog’s teeth regularly, at least once a day. Focus on the upper teeth, because that’s where plaque usually starts showing. Don’t forget to scrub his tongue too. You can find some good dog tongue cleaners here. Brushing your dog’s teeth every day can make its kisses something you can live with and take you one step closer to getting rid of bad dog breath.

Chew ToysPlay and Clean Teeth at the Same Time!

Chew toys are another good way to tackle bad dog breath. Process of chewing the toy helps in cleaning your dog’s teeth, which results in better oral hygiene and better breath.

Choose the right size chew toy for your dog. Make sure you buy a couple of different ones since you never know which one your dog will love. Smaller dogs will need smaller and softer toys because their mouths are not big and strong enough. Another good way to make sure your dog will use the toy is to smear it with some peanut butter or flavored toothpaste. Pick the right flavor and your dog will fall in love with the toy. Another thing you can use is rawhide bone. It is also really effective at reducing your dog’s plaque build-up as it scraps plaque off the teeth every time your dog chews on it.

Warning: Dogs are not different than children. Keep an eye on your dog while he’s playing with the toy – small, broken pieces can be swallowed, and that can be dangerous. Let’s not create bigger health issues in our efforts to battling bad dog breath!

Chlorhexidine Products and Water Additives

Chlorhexidine is the most effective antiseptic when it comes to keeping the bacteria from your pet’s mouth and fighting bad dog breath. It can be found in dental rinses and gels. If you choose a rinse, just squirt inside of the both of your dog’s cheeks. If you got gel, simply rub it on dog’s teeth.

Another product that can be effective against bad dog breath is water additive made specially for dogs. It contains low levels of anti-plaque ingredients so it is perfectly safe for your dog, while eliminates bad breath up to 12 hours.Grain Free Dry Dog Food - Excellent Diet Food for Dogs

Grain Free Dry Dog Food - Excellent Diet Food for DogsPut Your Dog On a Diet

Bad dog breath (like the bad breath in humans) is often caused by food. Unlike people, dogs like to experiment with garbage and other stinky things, so you should try to keep your dog from eating inappropriate substances.

Also if you dog’s diet consists of raw meat, you will surely feel uncomfortable when you get close to his mouth. Try to add some carrots into his meals – they decrease plaque, and are rich in vitamins. Parsley can also be helpful: sprinkle it over food and it will keep bad dog breath under control. Lemon is another great alternative: squeeze it into your dog’s water and maximize the mouth cleaning effect. Make sure you don’t overdo it, you are not making a lemonade, your dog wouldn’t like it.

There is nothing good about dog bad breath – it can make playing with your dog an unpleasant experience, and more importantly it can be a sign of some bigger health issue. It is extremely important to pay attention to it.

If your dog already has bad breath, follow the above four steps to treat it. If he doesn’t, take those four steps as prevention. Brush your dog’s teeth, buy a chew toy, consider using gels, rinses and water additives and put it on a diet. Result? Those doggie kisses will be sweeter than ever.

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